Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh boy she loves to eat!

She's a natural eater, thats for sure! As soon as the spoon touched her lip for the first time, she gobbled down the food. Ever since, every time the spoon is coming towards her, i get a big wide open mouth! I know alot of people would say I am starting her to early on cereal, but what the hell. I cant seem to fill this kid up, and shes not fat... where does it go? I cant wait till later on to start feeding her fun stuff! I think I will wait till she's four months before I start to introduce anything else. The cereal I feed her is really really runny too, almost like milk. I am such a proud Mama!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas came early!

My sister Deb and her family came to visit this weekend for an early Christmas! We had a blast! Auntie Debbie brought Shelby the cutest Christmas outfit! So there she is - Shelby the red nose reindeer! She doesn't seem to enjoy the outfit as much as we did! She looked so adorable!

It was nice to have a Christmas dinner in a house filled with sugared up happy kids! There's usually so much stress and tension around Christmas and our family gatherings sometimes seem to be a chore, but this year was alot of fun! I am not sure if it was my new outlook on holidays now that I have my baby, or perhaps it was the company I was keeping! You can hardly have a bad time, when there is a really,,,,,REALLY happy boy running around saying "This is the best Christmas ever!!" LOL Deb's boys lit up the house for sure! Nothing like a little sugar, do a little dance...woohooo.. Oh that reminds me,, the cake! Deb brought a cake.... mmmm the biggest blackforest cake you have ever seen!! We had it for dessert, we had it for breakfast, lunch..LOL The only one that probably didn't have the best time, was the poor old sick dog. They kept her up late...oh and the cat the wouldn't come out from under the bathtub.....don't ask LOL

Shelby was a little out of sorts, I think too much excitement for her; overstimulation. And apparently she doesn't like to poo when there's company! I kept waiting for it,,nada. As soon as they left, 3 poos! I guess she is shy! She is pretty much back to normal today :-)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Eating, Eating, Eating and sleeping and Eating

The last few weeks have been very difficult to keep Shelby fed. It seems during the especially, she eats and eats non-stop

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Virtual Rally for IVF funding

Virtual Rally for IVF Funding

I've taken this from another bloggers site...so if you are in Ontario...please read below for Dec. 2nd at noon!

"Conceivable Dreams is planning a very special delivery for the Ontario Government on December 2nd, 2009 at Noon.

Please join us for a Virtual Rally for IVF Funding. Imagine thousands of Ontario infertility patients, and their friends, families and supporters simultaneously sending an email message of support for IVF Funding to their provincial members of parliament and Premier Dalton McGuinty.

The Ontario Expert Panel on Infertility and Adoption heard your voices and saw the faces of infertility at our Pram Push. In August 2009, they recommended that OHIP fund 3 cycles of IVF.

Despite 2 years of researching the issues and 3 months to review the Report, the Ontario Government has taken NO ACTION.

Now, we need the Ontario Government to hear from YOU (and your families, friends and supporters) so that they will TAKE ACTION and implement the recommendations instead of letting them collect dust on a shelf.

Here's how it will work. Just go to http://www.conceivabledreams.org at any time before December 2, 2009. Provide us with your name and email address. Conceivable Dreams will send you a draft email including the address for your MPP, Premier Dalton McGuinty and Minister Broten. When the virtual rally starts at noon on December 2, 2009, we will all send our emails at the same time. If you can't send the email at noon, anytime before or after that will be fine! It's our chance to show our elected officials that the time has come to fund IVF in Ontario.

If you want to participate in the Virtual Rally for IVF Funding on December 2nd, 2009 then proceed to http://www.conceivabledreams.org to get all the information you will need."

Monday, November 30, 2009

Visit with Santa

For long I have dreamed of having a child of my own to spend Christmas with. Christmas is all about spending time with family and being grateful. I spent so many Christmas' longing for a child and now its finally here! Struggling with infertility is especially hard during the holidays, you are forever reminded of the family you don't have. That topic however, is a whole other entry.

So,,,,,,,at the first mention of Christmas, I have been so excited to bring Shelby to meet Santa :-) As expected she didn't care for him. I had to wake her up just prior and I think she was awful hungry, so to open her eyes to this scary man with white beard,,,really freaked her out! She cried and cried...which of course pulled on my heart strings! They tried really hard to get some good pictures for me!

So strange, I remember as a kid lining up and waiting forever to see Santa and you would recieve the nice picture in a cardboard Christmasy frame. Signs of the times now, you must sanitize your hands before seeing Santa and then Santa's helper then burns a cd for you of multiple pictures. Which is pretty good I suppose because now I can do whatever I like with them.

So there she is..First visit with Santa!