Tuesday, February 23, 2010

5 months and where did my happy baby go?

AHHHHHHH! We have a whole new Shelby now!  One that cries frequently and long, one who doesnt like to sleep through the night.  Our whole routine is off and I am tired.  I wish I knew why,,,  Is it the gas? The teething?  Is she hungry,..  :-(  Here i sit at 3am with my unhappy, non-sleepy baby..  I sure hope it passes soon! 

Friday, February 19, 2010

Just some pics to share

Monday, February 8, 2010

Getting a routine!

I Ican't seem to get into a regular blogging routine! I had this vision that I would be bloggin every day documenting each moment and milestone of Shelby's existence! While I have so many thoughts and emotions floating in my mind, I never seem to be able to put them to words. Maybe its my Mommy scatterbrain..who knows! Its been over a month since I have written, many things have happened:
-We discovered Shelby has a milk allergy
- It has since been treated with a new formula that is working great!! This however, was after months of gas, puking and diahrea and just plain cranky baby!!! So Halleluia to the new formula!!
-Shelby is very alert and excited about her surroundings these days, she loves her toys! She still has a short tolerance for other people, she really is a Mommys girl! However, she is starting to warm up to Daddy! Daddy gets lots of smiles now and sometimes even a ;laugh or two!!!
-She can finally lift her head once she is on her tummy and she is trying desperately to roll
-She is talkign up a storm, she says regularly "Hi!", and other babbbling noises! She loves to laugh and squeal. In the recent week, she has started to make this creepy noise almost like a demonic chant!! I hope that stops LOL I guess she is just practicing vocalizing!
-Shelby loves to eat. We stopped solids for awhile as per docs orders but have since started back again! I have been makign my own baby food and she absolutely loves it!! She grabs the spoon from me and shoves it in her mouth and then cries because I cant fill up the spoon fast enough!! Just like her Daddy LOL
-She is now sleeping in her crib like a champ!! She regularly sleeps now 12 hours a night and 2 naps in the day!!! We are amazed and blessed!! Thank you Shelby!!
- She is teething like crazy!! She is drooling so much she is full of rashes and eating everything in sight
-Here is the best part,,,her growth She is almost 20 pounds and over 26 inches long and she is 4.5 months!!! Thats my big baby girl!! She is wearign now 12-18months clothes!! THe doctor said that maybe she would slow down in growth aroudn 6 months!! We will see!

I am thinking of going back to work maybe one day a week for now, just for my sanity. It sounds liek a good idea but then the thougt of leaving her with a babysitter all day scared wondering where Mommy is makes me want to vomit. what to do!!!

Well thats it for now!! Here is some pics!