Friday, January 14, 2011

15 month update

My bad, she is now 16 months!  But at her 15 month check-up she was a whopping 30 pounds and 33 inches high - whoah thats a big baby! 
- She has a few words - hi, bye, all done, more, no, and baba, mama and dada
-She is starting to do the cutest things, she tucks the dog in with her blankets, she feeds the cats and loves to read her books
- She no longer crawls, and runs now!
- She is quite a picky eater, but will eat rasins or cheezies until she pukes
- She is no longer on a hyper-allergenic formula, she drinks milk
- She no longer uses a bottle during the day ( for the most part)
- She loves to throw things, she really has a baseball arm, sometimes its frightening her strength
- She loves to try and figure out how things work but gets frustrated very easily
- Has learned that when you point and yell, mommy and daddy get you stuff
-She is much more gentle with the animals
- SHe is much more loving with us and doesnt hit or bite me as much
-She has the loudest scream I have ever heard
- She is becoming a little lady

Monday, January 10, 2011

Its Official!

Shelby is going to be a big sister!   We are 5w5d today, I had an ultrasound and was measuring a week ahead and there was a beautiful heartbeat!  One healthy baby!   We are so excited!