Monday, November 30, 2009

Visit with Santa

For long I have dreamed of having a child of my own to spend Christmas with. Christmas is all about spending time with family and being grateful. I spent so many Christmas' longing for a child and now its finally here! Struggling with infertility is especially hard during the holidays, you are forever reminded of the family you don't have. That topic however, is a whole other entry.

So,,,,,,,at the first mention of Christmas, I have been so excited to bring Shelby to meet Santa :-) As expected she didn't care for him. I had to wake her up just prior and I think she was awful hungry, so to open her eyes to this scary man with white beard,,,really freaked her out! She cried and cried...which of course pulled on my heart strings! They tried really hard to get some good pictures for me!

So strange, I remember as a kid lining up and waiting forever to see Santa and you would recieve the nice picture in a cardboard Christmasy frame. Signs of the times now, you must sanitize your hands before seeing Santa and then Santa's helper then burns a cd for you of multiple pictures. Which is pretty good I suppose because now I can do whatever I like with them.

So there she is..First visit with Santa!

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