Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas came early!

My sister Deb and her family came to visit this weekend for an early Christmas! We had a blast! Auntie Debbie brought Shelby the cutest Christmas outfit! So there she is - Shelby the red nose reindeer! She doesn't seem to enjoy the outfit as much as we did! She looked so adorable!

It was nice to have a Christmas dinner in a house filled with sugared up happy kids! There's usually so much stress and tension around Christmas and our family gatherings sometimes seem to be a chore, but this year was alot of fun! I am not sure if it was my new outlook on holidays now that I have my baby, or perhaps it was the company I was keeping! You can hardly have a bad time, when there is a really,,,,,REALLY happy boy running around saying "This is the best Christmas ever!!" LOL Deb's boys lit up the house for sure! Nothing like a little sugar, do a little dance...woohooo.. Oh that reminds me,, the cake! Deb brought a cake.... mmmm the biggest blackforest cake you have ever seen!! We had it for dessert, we had it for breakfast, lunch..LOL The only one that probably didn't have the best time, was the poor old sick dog. They kept her up late...oh and the cat the wouldn't come out from under the bathtub.....don't ask LOL

Shelby was a little out of sorts, I think too much excitement for her; overstimulation. And apparently she doesn't like to poo when there's company! I kept waiting for it,,nada. As soon as they left, 3 poos! I guess she is shy! She is pretty much back to normal today :-)

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