Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eating and Sleeping and

These seem to be the constant worries of a new Mom, oh and pooping.  Is she sleeping enough, is she eating enough,,, oh is she sleeping too much? Am I feeding her too much?  hmmmm that poop looks weird.,..oh no, shes not pooping.  Welcome to my world, these are the things that were constantly going through my head and just when I think i have it figured out.,..Its changed.  Anyways, now, for now anyways.. I have got it figured out!  She is sleeping beautifully!! I don't question it, she sleeps roughly 10 hours interrupted sleep at night and a 2 hour nap in the morning and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon! I know, that great eh?  There are probably moms out there that envy me right now!  I have many friends with sleepless babies or ones that have trouble falling asleep. Not mine, she gets tired and at the first signs of tiredness ( rubbing eyes, pushing her face into my shoulder) I put her in her bed and put on her blankies, I rub her head for a minute and kiss her goodnight, she plays with her blankies quietly for a few minutes and off to sleep she goes!  Every day is the same! She is able to fall asleep on her own even if she wakes in the night!  I know, this may change, I really am enjoying it now while it lasts!!

Eating is a little different, she was doign so well, she was eating cereal, veggies, fruits and now meat.  We seemed to have regressed a little. She will only eat fruit and sometimes a spoonful or two of veggies.  I think she got the taste for sweet and the hell with the rest!! LOL  I am not too worried about it for now! She will eat most things if she is starved!  She is still eating on average about 30 oz of formula a day.

Pooping?  Do you really wanna know?  Well you know she had the milk allergies before and all the trouble with diahrea, well now we have solid poops, yup!!  She is a pretty regular kid, not much to report now or worry about in the poop department :-)

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