Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just about 8 months!

In 4 days, my little angel will be 8 months old! Can you believe it?  I look at her and she looks so mature.  She is blossoming into a little lady.  She is changing now everyday!  Lets see:
- She waves hi and goodbye
-She says hi
-She says baba
-sits perfectly and catches her balances if falling.
-She doesn't crawl yet but she can turn right around while sitting, she can reach way ahead of herself and if she topples over she catches herself not to fall.  If she is lying down she will roll and scoot around her bum.
- She really seems interested by the way things work, turning wheels, pressing buttons, lifting things to see whats underneath etc.
-She walks with a walker, its soooooo funny
-She absolutely adores our cats, she laughs her head off at them now!
-She really loves her daddy now!  Smiles so big when he comes into her view!
-When she drops stuff, she looks to where they landed, tries to get things
-She is very cuddly now, she gives hugs
She loves looking at herself, she giggles to no end
-She has 2 teeth that are all the way out and 2 just about broke thru
-She has now had her first cold, eye infection and ear infection and her first bad fever that scared mom to death
-She sleeps pretty good, still no fuss EVER to put her to bed, she sometimes wakes in the night, for the most part doesn't

What she eats now:
Toast, grilled cheese, pancakes, bits of cheese, cheerios, brocolli, carrots ( all baby jar stuff), lovesss orange pieces and yogurt, cookies,apple juice I pretty much let her try anything we are eating!! She just loves to eat!

She has adjusted well at daycare, she just lovvvvvvvves her caregiver and the little boys over there!  She had her first wound, she came home with a bite mark from the little boy!

She loves peek-a-boo, this never ever gets old, its always funny, actually she laughs at just about everything!  I love her to death! She is growing up way to fast!

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  1. Wow - Shelby is an eating machine! You are so lucky she has such a healthy appetite! She is adorable! PS Good luck in the coming weeks!