Friday, June 4, 2010

More Teeth

I have been long awaiting the top central teeth. She has been teething, gnawing and drooling for the longest time, months I think,  I kept thinking i seen signs of them, but I guess I didnt.  The lateral incisor ( beside the front tooth) has emerged.  She has been cranky and runny nose and just miserable! That explains it!  I wonder when the central incisors will come?  In 2 weeks Shelby will be 9 months!! 9 months!! Can you believe it?????  Wow has the time flown.   She now says DADDY!  How cute!!!  She has just learnt it and is her new word of obsession, she says Daddy all day long!  Dennis' heart is melting!   :-)

On the siblling front, I know I promised to let you know how it was going! Well its just about done, I forgot to tell you!  Tomorrow morning, we go in for our embryo transfer! We are transferring 2 fertilized day 3 embryos.  Then the dreaded 2 week wait!  I should be able to start my HPTs on June 13, how fitting, its my bday!!

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  1. so cute! Haha, pulling off those pieces of the mats is exactly what Alexis does too!