Monday, June 21, 2010

Shelby is 9 months

We went to her 9 month baby well check-up today!  It seems our little girl is still growing off the charts!
She is 23.5 pounds and 30.5 inches!  Holy cow!  She is over 2.5 feet tall! 
I spoke to her doctor about her mil allergy, he advised that I would keep her on her special formula even after shes one year old.  He said try again to introduce milk in 6 months.  I tried about a month or two ago and it was a disaster, a bad rash and the worst diarrhea you could imagine.  I hope she grows out of it soon! She likes yogurt and cheese but they dont like her!
She is changing by the day now I find.  She is waving good-bye consistently now! She is still shaking her head no!  She says Mama and Dada and baba!  She really loves filling up buckets or bins with stuff and then dumping it all out.  She just loves my cats. 
She doesnt sleep thru the night anymore, she always requires a 3am bottle now.  She is good about going back to sleep.
She has 5 teeth now!  They are so cute!
She doesnt eat as much solid food as she once did.  She loves spagetti, potatoes, pasta, bologna( i know weird), she loves all fruits and veggies, fruits all over anything.  She gobbles up berries and melons.  She is eating more formula now, she is eating sometimes more than 40 oz a day plus 3 meals, doc said its fine.  He said he isnt worried about what she is eating, she so big ;-)

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