Monday, April 26, 2010

I earned my "Mommy stripes"

Well so the phamacist told me lol As you remember from my previous post, Shelby has been super sick.  Well it hasnt gone away and has gotten worse.  She hasnt slept or eaten in days.  Yesterday was scary.  She screamed all night like she was being tortured, by the morning I was so frazzled and figured she would sleep eventually..NO.    Then her fever skyrocketed and it really scared me.  I took her in Sunday morn to see a doctor.  She screamed bloody murder and coughed and choked and barfed in the waiting room. I thought surely this time they will help and not just send her home.  Sure enough, she has a bad ear infection and an eye infection on top of her cold.  Poor thing, well at least I know whats wrong now.  You can better deal with the screams when you know what causes them.  I know I am a newbie Mom and for some this is nothing, but this scared the bejeezus outta me!  I felt so helpless, and useless, and really really frazzled!  I best get used to her being.  What a horrible feeling when your child is in pain and you cant help them.   On a bright note, she has a few antibiotics and they told me to give her motrin and she is on the mend.  I actually got some smiles out of her today!  Welcome Back Shelby! 

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