Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sick baby

Poor Shelby has been sick since sometime on the weekend.  Momma caught a cold and I think I passed it on to her.  She started off with a booger nose, and this weird gagging thing while she was eating,,which I attributed to teething.  She is teething her top two teeth.  But then it got worse, it turned into a full blown cough with an added bark attached at nighttime.  She stopped sleeping, like...wouldnt sleep at ALL!! Momma is not used to that!!  Yikes.  Made for one grumpy Momma and one grumpy baby.  To make matters worse, she also has diarhea and we are now Day 3 she refuses to eat.  I was so worried yesterday I took her to see the doctor,  they tested her for Croup ( whooping cough) but is probably just a viral infection.  Her throat is sore and swollen and thats why she wont eat,.  The only thing she had yesterday was 4 oz of apple juice, and the day before, about 8 0z of milk.  This morn, about 2 oz.  Very worrisome.  Solid food - forget it.  The strange thing about it, she seems to be pretty happy anyways.  I felt embarassed telling the doc "Shes sick" as she bounces and sings.  She is certainly in much better spirits today but is still coughing and not eating, I suspect it will just resolve itself and I will continue to try to feed her.  Poor baby.  This was her first cold! 

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